Iraqi-German Academic Cooperation Network (IG-CON)


With the expiration of the Baghdad-Erbil-Erlangen-Project (BEEP) in 2014, the CIS initiated in 2015 a new DAAD sponsored program, the Iraqi-German Academic Cooperation Network (IG-CON). It is aimed to encompass all Iraqi and German universities or university departments that are already engaged or interested in academic exchange or joint teaching and research activities among these two countries. The creation of such a network and a variety of measures for future cooperation were agreed upon and “Cooperation Agreements on Academic Exchange, Teaching and Research” were signed among the CIS and the official representatives of six Iraqi partner universities on a workshop-conference in Erbil in December 2014. The purpose and the mechanisms of cooperation within the IG-CON were the outcome of critical review and evaluation of the activities of the BEEP during the past six years and of intensive discussions on the future role of the CIS within the framework of the Iraqi-German academic cooperation.


Heads of delegations of the CIS partner universities after the signing of cooperation agreements at the Workshop-Conference “Baghdad-Erbil-Erlangen Project (BEEP) – Stocktaking & Perspectives After 6 Years”, Erbil, December 9 – 11, 2014.

(From left:) Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Ali Al-Daoud (Member, Board of Directors, Bayt Al-Hikma Academy, Baghdad), Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadhil Jawad (President, Univ. of Diyala), Asst.-Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dezaye (President, Salahaddin Univ. Hawler), Prof. Dr. Sefik Alp Bahadir (Director, CIS), Asst.- Prof. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil (president, Univ. of Zakho), Asst.-Prof. Dr. Fawzi Al-Hiti (Vice President, Al-Mustansiriya Univ., Baghdad), Prof. Dr. Sajed S. Hassan (Vice Chancellor, Univ. of Basrah), and Asst.-Prof. Dr. Abdulhameed Sulaiman (Vice President, Univ. of Zakho).

The main pillar of networking is the annual IG-CON Workshop-Conference attended by official delegations of all IG-CON member universities and invited participants from other Iraqi and German universities. In administrative and disciplinary working groups, IG-CON projects in progress will be evaluated and new projects on academic exchange, teaching and research will be initiated. Another forum for networking is the annual IG-CON Symposium on a topic from the field of social sciences with a focus on the economic, political or social developments in Iraq. These gatherings bring together Iraqi and German social scientists for exchange of research outcomes and initiation of cooperation in future joint projects. A preference is given to young academics to present their research papers.

According to the bilateral cooperation agreements signed 2014 on the workshop-conference in Erbil and since then, the CIS endeavors to implement and administer all measures of cooperation as stated on those agreements or agreed upon on IG-CON Workshop Conferences. Following measures are listed in the Article 1 (Areas and Methods of Cooperation) of the cooperation agreements:

  1. University Placement Program for Iraqi students considering to study in Germany
  2. Split-Site Ph.D. program for Iraqi graduates considering to perform part of the research on their dissertations at a German university
  3. Support of Iraqi faculty members planning to perform postdoctoral research at a German university
  4. Special field faculty and staff training programs in Germany
  5. Support of the participation of Iraqi faculty members and students in conferences, seminars and other academic meetings in Germany
  6. Special short-term academic programs according to demands of Iraqi universities
  7. Organization and administration of joint conferences, study groups, courses and meetings
  8. Other activities as deemed as mutually appropriate.

At the Erbil workshop-conference, cooperation agreements were signed with six partner universities which were represented on this event by their presidents, vice presidents or vice chancellor, respectively. However, a number of other partner universities which could not send a delegation to this event or were not represented by an official person, declared their intention of cooperation within the IG-CON framework, in the meantime.


Meeting of the delegates from the CIS partner universities at the Workshop-Conference in Erbil, December 9 – 11, 2014, negotiating on the “Cooperation Agreement on Academic Exchange, Teaching and Research”.